Our Team

Vojtěch Janoušek (Project author and principal programmer)

Czech Geological Survey & Faculty of Science, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

Jean-François Moyen

Université Jean-Monnet, Saint-Etienne, France

Colin M Farrow (Author of the Figaro, graphical editation system built in the GCDkit)

Retired from Computing Service, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

Vojtěch Erban

ex-Czech Geological Survey, Czech Republic

We are indebted to many of our colleagues for contributing bug reports as well as bright new ideas and entusiasm. To mention just those most active of them Pavel Hanžl, Jakub Trubač and Vladislav Rapprich (all Czech Geological Survey) and Lukáš Ackerman (Academy of Science, Czech Republic).

The GCDkit development would be hardly possible without the underlying R-language, a Free Software released under the terms of the Free Software Foundation's GNU General Public License. It is result of a collaborative effort of the R-core team and many the contributions from all over the world. Thanks.

Page last modified July 08, 2022